Making extra profit from home

Making extra profit from home

Not everyone is going to a 9-5 day job every day. Self employment is becoming more and more popular. Who wouldn’t want to be there own boss? However self employment is not with out its risks. There are no guaranteed pay checks and your best customers could disappear overnight.  There are a small group of people able to earn money online from home and never even have to deal with customers. Some of these people are professional gamblers or mug bettors and they earn good money by having inside knowledge on sports. If you had the heads up on football transfers you could earn a fortune by betting on what you already know is going to happen. This is a dream scenario for many profit accumulator home type earners.

If this is something that interests you then it is possible without having to have inside information. It is known as matched betting and you can learn how to do this with many matched betting tutorial sites. Click here to read a review of one of the most popular.

The process is very simple. You place bets at the bookie and then lay them off at the exchange to make sure you can’t lose. A betting exchange such as Betfair will allow you to bet against an outcome. So if you bet on a team to win at the bookie you can bet on them not to win at the exchange for the same amount. Thus making the bet risk free. Then the bookie will reward you with bonuses for betting with them. You can use these bonuses in the same way to earn a guaranteed profit. Sounds too good to be true but thousands of people are jumping on this profit train already. Sites like OddsMonkey have thousands of members and other countries are starting to pick up on this trend already.

This website is flying the flag for Italy and other countries are likely to follow suit sooner rather than later. Everyone wants to make easy money with no risk so this practice is likely to explode all over the world, the only question is whether the bookmakers can cope with an influx of risk free bettors.

The above video is a promo video for OddsMonkey but it gives you an overview of what it is about and how easy it is to get involved. If this is something that interests you then get involved asap as it surely can’t last forever. Legislation on bookies is going to get tightened over the next couple of years forcing bookmakers to possibly clamp down on the bonuses. Hopefully it won’t come to that but I would still urge interested parties to get involved today rather than saying “I’ll do it later”.