There is a huge need for strength training for all football players. The ability to put together a strength program takes planning to get the most out of your athletes and to structure it properly. It is both an art and science to plan a strength training program.

Here is a quick list of facts that you need to keep in mind concerning your strength training for football. It isn’t just about how big and bulky you can get – quite the contrary actually.

o Bigger muscles are not necessarily stronger muscles o You need to not only develop the size of a given muscle; you need to actually be considering the muscle’s strength. That’s what it’s all about.

o A strong muscle is more than big; -.

o Many a big muscle is torn loose from the joint that it is meant to move. A torn muscle can literally take months, even years to heal fully. Some never do.

You develop tendon and ligament strength by ufabetแทงบอล ดีสุด taking your training seriously. Don’t attack your weight training like a crazy fool. Take your time. Pay attention to strict form in every rep. Perform your reps slowly and with full control. Haphazardly jerking or throwing the weight up and calling that a successful rep is not only careless; it is a false achievement. Weight training is about far more than just moving the weight from point A to point B. Remember that!

o Bulky muscles too often yield decreased speed, agility and finesse. o Especially for wide receivers, defensive backs and tailbacks, muscles need to be specifically trained for bursting power and speed. They have to be able to start right now, stop right now and absorb some seriously unexpected impacts. Football is no game for wimps. It is also not an event for big, slow, overly bulky pigs just because they might be able to bench 400 lbs in a quirky, jerky, off-balance fashion. Be real!

Do yourself and your team a serious favor and ensure that you will be around season after strenuous season to help out. Take your strength training for football very seriously. Slow down while at the gym. Develop your tendon and ligament strength along with your bulk. The end result will be superior, lightening fast, impossible to rip, explosive muscles that have the true strength of a beast! Now that is what you are after.

There are several types of strength training for football to consider. Football is versatile and needs versatility in strength training programs. Here are the types that we will address: